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We are the Tabangays! And this is the ongoing story of our lives, living from the perspective that Life itself is one big happy journey full of adventure, unlimited knowledge and inspiration to attain and love to be experienced. Our goal: to live our lives in love and light always. And have a good time! Our mantra: that the sky need not be our limit. Why not reach for even beyond? ***~Special thanks to Erika Killen of EK OneStop Studio (link below) for the beautiful images used in our header. She is a dear friend and a brilliant photographer and we were so blessed to have her shoot us. She captured us perfectly!***

The sheer magic of “it” all . . .

Posted on March 31, 2016


This chair.  It’s unique. It’s beautiful.  It’s really big.  It speaks to my bohemian, hippie soul!

But not only that . . . it’s magical!

Because rather than just being a chair, it is actually a desire long held, only recently fulfilled.  It is my manifestation.  My energy transformed.  It is all of these things.


Set an intention, hold the thought for a moment, feel the feelings that thought provokes, take a deep breath and then release it. Let it go, out from you, wafting into the environment and upward into the vastness of the universe. It has been created, it has been instilled with heart’s desire and given wings. Away from you it flies, you can see it in your mind’s eye and there you remain watching, left with the assurance that just as it has so many times before, it will indeed come back to you. Fulfilled.

Thought becomes reality.  Intention becomes Manifestation.

But what is “it”?

It is real. It is Magical.

It is anything you want it to be.

It can be whatever you are in need of, whatever you desire. Money, material possessions, a certain outcome, a  way out of a bad situation, a new home, you name it!  If what you truly desire comes from a place of love and is in alignment with what it best for the common good, there really are no limits. That’s what my recent experiences have proven to me.

Spiritual minds support it:

“Thought, feeling and body.  When the three become one, you will say to the mountain “move” and the mountain will move.~the Kabbalah

“The space between your thoughts, is the window to the cosmic mind.” ~Deepak Chopra

What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling-every single time. ~Abraham-Hicks


Science confirms it:

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.* It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”~Albert Einstein

“If you wish to understand the universe (to find the secrets of the universe), think of energy, frequency and vibration.”~Nikola Tesla

A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. ~R. C. Henry**

“What shows up in our lives is a direct reflection of our inner thoughts and emotions.”~Pam Grout

And this just sums it up so perfectly:

“Everything is energy. Your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it and your action increases the momentum”~Avinash Wandre

Call it the Secret, the Law of Attraction, creative visualization, the law of relativity or simply imagination, but here’s what I believe:

“You are powerful.  You are perfect.  Be a seamless flow of good energy, aligned with your consciousness; heart, mind, body and soul.  

The results you manifest will leave you believing in the sheer magic of it all.

And now, with all that being said, I am proud to share with you my latest manifestation of the fine chair pictured above.  It’s a rather short simple story but really I think that’s what makes it most magical of all.  It really can be that easy once you get the hang of it.

It goes something like this:

The last couple of years, I have really been coming into my own, living my life out loud and proud, expressing the inner me with the outer me. Part of that involves moving to our new home and really embracing the opportunity to allow our home environment to express the souls we are.  Anyone who truly knows me and has seen the inner me, will assure you I have always been a bit of a (or if I’m honest-these days, it’s more full on) bohemian. Circumstances in my early life stifled that for me but the free spirited me always remained beneath the surface. This goes for my mom who raised me, as well.  Her hippie soul was always present with us, in ideals, her choices, in her views of the world shared with me and present in small ways in the furnishings of our home, the art that bedecked the walls.  We were hippies, bohemians, gypsy souls living under the restraints of a practical straight laced life.  Now, I am happy to say we are free, we are living our authenticity proudly.  And I am left wanting to reconnect with some of those things I felt a connection to, even way back then.  And so I have comprised a bit of a wish list in my mind/heart and presently, a virtual vision board of those things.

This chair. Definitely on my Wish List.  Has been for a few years now.

But it was only a few weeks ago that I began actively looking into getting one. Truth is, there are very few left in any kind of decent condition and the reproductions cost upwards of hundreds of dollars.  Still, I wasn’t going to allow myself to get discouraged. I said to my daughter, “You know what? It’s okay. The weather is starting to warm up, summer is coming and there will be yard sales. I’m just going to hold a space that there will be one at a yard sale and it will be perfect, maybe even better than this one (the one I was looking at online for $400) and it will be just the right price, one I can afford.”

That was probably only about a week or two ago I said that to her.

Two days ago, I signed onto the local facebook “for sale” page looking for a table I had seen previously, wanted to share with my husband.  First new listing on the page I came to (and immediately caught my eye) was a listing for this fantastic bohemian “peacock chair”.  It was different from the one I was looking at online. It was even better! It was an original in terrific condition and it was totally affordable. I couldn’t believe it! What are the chances?

Oh! And get this. That page on Facebook. It’s actually called “Indoor Yard Sale”.  Yep! Yard sale. This chair came from a “yard sale” just as I had said.

I knew this was my opportunity.  I knew I had to go for it.  I shared the post with my daughter and she vehemently pronounced “Oh my gosh mom! You totally manifested that! You so totally did!” I did! And it was so quick, just a matter of a week or two.

But then, I realized there was someone else ahead of me with first dibs and there was also the predicament of how I was even going to get this thing home.  Still, I wasn’t discouraged. I got this! This chair is mine!

I shared the news with a friend, who piped right in with the information that the place where the chair was was very close to her home and that she would gladly go pick it up for me.  And the guy ahead of me? Well I did have to wait an entire day to find out if he would show for the chair.  He did.  The chair was his.

So I guess, maybe it wasn’t so magical? Maybe I could think that.  But in that moment, yet another thing happened.  The girl selling the chair let me know that she hadn’t posted about it yet, but she had a bigger, more magnificent one available for sale.  And she would be willing to sell it to me for the same price as the original chair.  I held out, held onto the prospect, didn’t give in to discouragement, continued to believe that what I really wanted would come my way.  It did and it was even more than I expected!


To us, this chair will be more than ample fun seating for two.  It is a reminder of all that can be accomplished when you set your mind and heart to something!

Next up for me is this little Indian table (straight out of my childhood):

(stay tuned . . .)


Keep on wishing, dreaming. believing,  and manifesting! You’ve got this, my friends!

~Amber and the entire magical Tabangay Crew

*There is speculation that this portion of the quote is actually attributed to a channeler named Darryl Anka who has assigned the words to an entity named Bashar and not in fact Einstein’s original words. http://quoteinvestigator.com/2012/05/16/everything-energy/

**From the article published here: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/09/27/this-is-the-world-of-quantum-physics-nothing-is-solid-and-everything-is-energy/

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Goodbye 2015 and thanks for the memories . . .


A new year always brings with it a chance  at do-over’s, fresh starts and new beginnings.  For us, this year was in more ways than it ever has been, a chance to look back and see how vastly different a turn our lives have taken, how different things really are than what we originally envisioned and all of it in the most wonderful and blessed of ways.  We have come so far in so many ways, experienced so much in just a few short months. The end of 2015 held some tough lessons for us, such clarity and then such tremendous fulfillment.  As we begin 2016, we are so contented, filled with such optimism and surrounded by such genuine love.  It’s what seems to permeate our household these days. And I am so grateful.

This chilly winter morning, after a very busy and wonderful weekend, these are the thoughts that fill my head.  Despite how busy and full our lives have been as of late, this morning I am taking the time to sit down, reminisce and reconnect.  Inevitably, I find that part of that process includes being here, sharing with you.

The past three months have been a whirlwind of celebrations for us.

And at the center: LOVE.




With our friends here:


We were able to attend two separate proper holiday parties with friends before we took off on our trip out west. This meant everything to the kids (and by extension to us) as for the first time in forever, they were reluctant to even leave on our trip for fear of what they might miss out on and most especially just how much they were going to miss everyone.


With Family in California:


Feeling “home: even when home is thousands of miles away.


Letting go, letting loose with those who accept your craziness.



Deep belly laughs and total security with those who love you unconditionally.


Dearest of friends, forever friends that feel like family.

Dearest of friends, forever friends that feel like family. More my sister than simply a friend.


Ringing in the New Year:


It was a humble celebration at the in-laws. We celebrated downstairs while the kids celebrated with their friends upstairs via Skype.


A celebration of what was, a celebration of life, a celebration of Tyler . . .

The day before we made our trip back home, we spent the day at County Line (Tyler’s beach). It felt good, felt right to be there at the dawn of a new year; the perfect place to reflect on the soul journey I have tread in the time since my brother left us. It occurred to me that January also would’ve have marked his 28th birthday, always a big part of the month for me.  The day was full of heartwarming memories and magical happenings.

(to read more about that day, click here.)

Back, at home, it was friends, friends and more friends time.  Culminating in a very special night . . .



cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vWzhk4 (27)

Winter Formal Dance January 30th 2016


I guess it could be seen as simply a coincidence (seeing as to so many it is month devoted to love) but February, so far has really been a month of defining and strengthening of relationships for all of us, a true “seeing” of those in our lives and their importance to us. It’s been about not holding back from telling them how we feel, showing them how much they mean to us.  And it’s been about acknowledging our own gifts and offerings, that special something only we bring to this world.  It’s been about LOVE but not just romantic love, celebrating it in all its forms.

Simple coffee dates with the one you love. ;)

Spending your days off in simple coffee dates with the one you’ve chosen. ;)



Celebrating milestones with those who matter most to us. And not forsaking the opportunity to let them know how much they mean to us.

And next up for us:

Livy and I will be leaving for California the end of this week in order to attend a celebration of love between these two:

Sweet! *

Sweet! *

Congrats to my beautiful cousin and her wonderful guy.

Wow! I wonder what March will hold for us!!!

As we turn the corner on this month and think ahead to all the things we have planned, I am assured that this year will be an abundant one and look forward to all the further outpourings of love, the deepening of new relationships and the celebrating of those of old.

As always . . .

Love and Light to all!


*this gorgeous photo was captured by the same talented photographer (Erika Killen of EK One Stop Studio) who we were blessed to have shoot us.  haha

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Posted on January 9, 2016

This poor post has sat in the drafts folder for over a month now and I just couldn’t seem to get it together to get it composed.  It was originally titled: “New Friends, Milestones and New Beginnings.”  But we are so past all that.  We have been up to so much, are always busy.  There have been so many events we’ve been to, milestones reached , birthdays and anniversaries celebrated.  There is just so much I’d have to relate to catch you all up.  A lot of typing!  Haha  But then it occurred to me.  Maybe there really isn’t anything to say other than what can be summed up with this simple phrase.  This is plain and simple what I want to share:


None of us can hardly believe that we have been here in our new surroundings for less than a year. We all feel it is as if we belonged here all along! Recent events and especially the people who have come into our life have really made some very important things clear to us.

THIS taken from my Instagram feed.

THIS taken from my Instagram feed sums it up perfectly.


Life can be challenging at times and the past two years, we’ve been through some pretty major stuff.  We’ve lost loved ones (not by our choice) and (by choice) have had to say goodbye to others.  And through both experiences, we learned a lot about ourselves.  Together (and more importantly, as individuals) we grew stronger, braver and more aware. Things are so clear to us now; the clearest being in just how much of a fog we were living.  But that fog has lifted, the air around us so light and free.   We bravely shut old doors, never even realizing how quickly all the new ones would magically open before us.  And on the other side, we have experienced such greatness and with such ease.  I know there are bound to be more lessons to be learned and life can’t be this easy all the time but we are feeling so much love and support right now, that the threat of whatever comes our way feels pretty surmountable. It just means even more growth and blessings.

All these years, it seems have led us here (both geographically and philosophically). To this place of peace, contentment, and the realization that should you choose to be open and free, the universe rewards you with just that sort of environment.  And that there’s no need to wander, hopelessly searching for your tribe.  Your tribe will come to you. They will find you and you will recognize them almost instantly (I say almost because sometimes that old programmed fear can creep in) and only once you’ve let go and are willing to trust your heart.  It’s not something you question, it’s not something you have assess. It’s just a feeling you have. It’s a feeling we now, for the first time are genuinely feeling.  It’s the lesson I have learned this past year but something I am so much more grateful for my the kids to have learned.  It’s like we finally have found the perfect fit.

This is our place. This is our tribe. 


the Tabangays

To see just how much fun we’ve been up to with our new tribe, check out Trystan’s and Livy’s personal pages.

~And THIS:


my favorite snapshot to date. A perfect evening to end a perfect year~

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Seconds of Summer (Part Two)

Posted on September 24, 2015

Wow! What a busy summer we’ve had.  Our life has been a whirlwind of “pure fantastic” since we made the move here down south just three months ago.  We love it here in North Carolina. Love our home, love our neighborhood, love the amenities, love the weather, love the energy here, just love it all! And beyond that, are the bonuses that we never even knew we were in store for but are so grateful for:

The beauty of this place, the purity of the air. Those clouds! I am in awe of their beauty.


The friendliness of the people here.  For the first time in many years, when I smile at perfect strangers (as I make it a regular practice to) I have my smile returned.  In the entire two years I’ve had my dreadlocks, I have received maybe one or two compliments on them. Here:  it’s becoming almost amusing how accepting and complimentary people are, nearly every place I go I have someone tell me how awesome they are. So, so nice.

And then there’s the bounty of homeschoolers here and the group that we so quickly and easily fell into.  After many years of going this route alone in our small town in upstate New York, here we have a whole gang of teens that regularly associate with each other; it’s almost getting to the point where there are just too many events to attend.  But to even have that to choose from is such a long awaited blessing.


Whether it's hangin' at the coffeehouse or on the monkey bars, if you're in the right company is all you need. Frenz like that are the best!

Whether it’s hangin’ at the coffeehouse or on the monkey bars,
if you’re in the right company it’s all you need. Frenz like that are the best!


Making the most of the last days of summer

Making the most of the last days of summer

And then of course, there was this long anticipated event…

The 5 Seconds of Summer concert was not a matter of simply showing up at the venue the night of the event.  Ooooohhhh no! It was far more than that. It was a week long adventure to get ready and properly celebrate.

First was shopping for supplies . . .

First was shopping for supplies . . .

then sneaking into the venue two days before to scope it out. All the gates and doors that would normally be closed were wide open for us, heehee

then sneaking into the venue two days before to scope it out. All the gates and doors that would normally be closed were wide open for us, heehee


Spending an entire six hours walking the streets of "uptown" Charlotte in the hopes of a sighting of the guys. We managed 3/4 and Ashton was sweet enough to take pics with the girls. Truly, a priceless and unforgettable moment.Tiff stayed with us another week and shortly after she returned home, was this . . . last but not least, saved the best for last-

Spending an entire six hours walking the streets of “uptown”
Charlotte in the hopes of a sighting of the guys.

We managed 3/4 and Ashton was sweet enough to stop and take pics with Livy.

We managed 3/4 and Ashton was sweet enough to stop and take pics with Livy.


Truly, a priceless and unforgettable moment.

For the whole magical story of how it all came to be, click here.

ROWYSO Tour~Charlotte NC

ROWYSO Tour~Charlotte NC

Last but not least, saved the best for last-

Trystan realized a dream of his own come true, months in the making; a belated birthday celebration and a rite of passage, all in one and . . .


at 14,000 feet and terminal velocity

at 14,000 feet and terminal velocity

jumped out of an airplane. I am so incredibly proud of my son’s courageous spirit. To lead your life with no fear, no regrets and to have that ideal at at such a young age, he is destined for great things. We are only too happy to nurture and support that!

For the full video, click here.

I have to wonder: what could top that? What grand new adventure awaits us next?! Guess, we’ll find out.

My new favorite hashtags: #weloveithere #thinkwellstay

May your road be paved with love, illuminated with glorious light and full of all sorts of unexpected adventure!


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Seconds of Summer (part one)

Posted on September 13, 2015

Just yesterday I said to Livy: “I wonder how the changes of the seasons will be here, in our new home, in the South. Will it be like California? Or still there, only more subtle than New York?” I awoke this morning to the answer with the sounds of gentle breezes and a crisp chill in the air. It’s clear that summer is on it’s way out and autumn on it’s way in.

The change has got me thinking about all of the great adventures we’ve had this past season and thought it’d be fun to do a bit of a “Summer Highlights” post.  The last two weeks, alone, has been so chocked full of new experiences  and fun surprises!

I reignited my love for decorative painting . . .11881567_911414922269000_1000493954_n 11880756_10207455277244282_75221417_n 11375219_1479265982373572_1305473854_n










And began a relationship with both home improvement and custom furniture building . . .


For the whole behind the scenes story, click here

My most special of projects: Tyler’s surfboard  . . .


Can read the entire story behind it’s creation here.

Livy, too has been spending a bit of time connecting with her artistic “sketchy-painty” self-

madisonrose halsey

After this first painting of You Tube sensation, Amanda Steele went kinda viral,

aka MakeupbyMandy

aka MakeupbyMandy

she received a message from actor/director/Vine star, Tina Woods, to do a commisioned watercolor painting.  I think it’s wonderful!


In other Livy news:  she finally got her braces put on!



Trystan celebrated his 18th birthday.

First with us . . .




Then with his friends in New Hampshire . . .


We reunited with our first friends we ever made when we made the big move from California to upstate New York fifteen years ago.  Trystan was four years old and Alivia, just a year at the time.  We remained close friends and spent much time together in those early years until they moved away.  And now eight years later we have moved and find ourselves in the same state yet again.


“A friend is one of nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be.” -Douglas Pagels

Not sure who can be credited with the adage that “a good friend is like an old sweater” but today I find it’s meaning clear. We spent a long day in the comfort of our messy home with familiar friends. It was one of those days that even when you know they’ll be others just like it, you still don’t want it to end.

Friends like that are forever and Forever Frenz are the bestest!

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Love over Labels

Posted on August 26, 2015

A month ago, my experiences online with social media sites led me to reconsider it as an outlet for finding my tribe. I contemplated leaving every group I was a  part of, closing my facebook account entirely.

A week ago, I was almost certain I must.  Instead of being places of refuge and harmony, my experience was that these groups were mostly places of arguments and negativity.

Today, as I feel compelled to share this, these are my observations. My concerns. My fears.

First- It starts with what seems to be our preoccupation with labels, our identities summed up in a term.  Labels cause dissention.  Sure they identify us but they also separate us. I have decided that I am comfortable with one label, one term only. And even that one, I’m not entirely sure. But for the sake of argument: HUMAN.

I have made the decision to remove some of those labels I previously associated with; those that just seem useless and that in my experience have the potential to cause dissention.  When you read my bio online or meet me in person, I will not tell you that I am a vegan.  I will not proclaim that I am staunch whole life unschooler.  I would call myself an artist but aren’t we all? Creators of our own lives?  It’s not that I am no longer those things, it’s that they are but a small part of who I am.  There is no more point in telling you those things than sharing with you my sexual habits or religious orientation or my political views. Should you ask, I will share with you. But none of those things define me.

I am not a Caucasian, I am not a Christian, I am not a Vegan, I am not an Unschooler,   I am not an Anarchist. I could rightfully be all of these things. Or none of them.  But I do know this . . . It doesn’t matter.

“Hello, my name is Amber. I am a human being.”

And I long to connect with other human beings. I don’t care about your gender, race, religion, eating habits, etc. Finding your tribe means that you find others with whom you share similarities and like mind. In my case, I’ve discovered that is isn’t any longer about finding other hippies, natural parenters or vegans, it’s about being in the presence and also advocating the mindset that “we are all one” for that shared thought is the only culmination in a world of love and acceptance, a coming together rather than a separating out.

Vegan or Omnivore? Homeschooler or Public Schooler? Stay at Home Mom or Career Mom? Homosexual or Heterosexual? Bisexual? Bi-curious? Boy or Girl? Democrat or Republican? Liberal? Anarchist? Christian or Atheist? Agnostic?

Why do we care so much about defining who we are? And how important can it be if it only seems to separate us further from each other? Why do we feel such a need to find a side to stand on? As long as there’s that, there remains two sides (or five or ten or a million). What we need is to be on the same side.

And second- what I feel is even more concerning is the actual debating and berating that I’ve seen take place (mostly on the basis of our preoccupation with labels).

I sincerely question the validity of the term “healthy debate”. Is there really such a thing? I posed that question the other day on my facebook page and one person was willing to entertain the thought.  Her experience said that there was.  She had presented something and a response, the information provided actually changed both her viewpoint and her stand on the subject.

There were a few things I took note of in her sharing her story. The most pivotal of all was my rethinking of what it really means to debate.  To me, I am glad to know that what she experienced sounded a lot more like a discussion rather than a debate.

The definition for debate is actually the following: contention in argument; strife, dissension, quarrelling, controversy.

Which is why I doubt there truly is such a thing as a healthy sort of debate.  Healthy to me equates something soothing to the body and soul. I have never witnessed nor have I ever experienced an argument that did anything other than affect me emotionally in a negative way or stressed my body in a physical way.

There is far too much “strife, dissention, quarreling and controversy” happening these days.

 I don’t just want to NOT be a part of it. I am determined to do all I can to avoid contributing to it.  Maybe it’s just that I am no longer someone who is comfortable with confrontation. Maybe it’s a sign of a lack of confidence or courage.  Maybe I’m just chicken.  I don’t know if that’s part of it or all of it but I do know that I want to make others in my presence feel loved, validated, accepted. No labels, no dissention. Equality without judgement.  We need to come together, not separate ourselves. We need to inspire each other. We need to acknowledge our strengths and encourage each other to simply keep on doing the best we can.  We need to trust one another, rely on each other. How else are we ever going to survive this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into?

Our physical earth is dying right before us and it is up to us, as human beings, individuals in all shapes, sizes, colors, and orientations (none of that matters) to band together to save it. We, each of us, need to stop wasting time arguing over what needs to be done, or who is best in the position to do it. We need to be activists for our causes but we must find a way to inspire others without making them feel their contribution is not enough (or as good as perhaps you feel yours is). We need to support one another and help each other on our path.

We must lead with LOVE always! We are in this together. We are all we have!


As I come to the end of this post, I become aware that even in my efforts to promote “love over labels” I put myself in a position where I will, no doubt, be deemed self- righteous. In my attempt to end controversy, I explore certain realities that are seen as controversial. I risk putting myself on the high horse in promoting an existence where there are no “high horses”.  That is my entire point, I guess. How is it we have found ourselves in this place where one can not even rally for being a place of equality, love and acceptance without that individual’s position or motives being questioned? It comes down to intention but you see, intention is a sneaky thing. No other person can ever fully see the authenticity in your intentions. We all are left at the mercy of others’ interpretations. I suppose I will risk it. I will hope that what is seen or felt is my true intention that we put aside our differences and learn to love one another unconditionally.  I truly just want to see a world wherein Love will always win over Labels.





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Project: Bookcase

Posted on August 26, 2015



One of the things we are really enjoying about our new neighborhood is the amount of amenities nearby.  We have never been big shoppers.  Most of our shopping is at thrift stores and if we’re fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, curbside.  It’s a lifestyle that has suited us for many years. But I have to admit, I do appreciate a jaunt to Target every now and then.  Especially now that they’ve expanded to include some pretty decent health food and vegan fare.  It’s one of those places where I don’t end up buying a lot but end up leaving inspired to find my own way to either get or make my own things.  The same goes for Ikea and Anthropologie.

A recent trip to Ikea yielded a desire for this particular piece of furniture:



and this picture on Pinterest, was even more of what we were looking for:

And so rather than purchase the units from the high-end store at double the price, we set out to make one of our own.

It began on a warm summer night five days ago …

The boys turned our deck into a woodworking station and set to work. The air was abuzz with the buzz of the saw and the sawdust was indeed flying.





And just a day later, putting all of the pieces together.


Next up was to move the mirror we had been storing in our bedroom for this very project.  From the moment we walked into this house, we had always known it belonged on the wall.  We just weren’t sure just “how” yet.  This bookshelf unit was the perfect solution.


Our original intention was to paint the unit to look as if it was all one piece but we’ve decided to leave it for now, just to be sure.  Livy seemed to like it as is and I have to agree.  For now, that is.  Stay tuned . . .

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“With our new beginning in a new place, comes new goals and both a fresh look and fresh start with some of our older ones.  I think it’s kind of a normal “thing” that happens when you settle into life in one place for an extended period of time and also a normal thing for your spark to be reignited when you arrive in a new place. We have always been both eco-conscious and healthfully minded but I gotta be honest and admit that with all that has happened in the past two years, we strayed a bit, allowed for some things to slide.  I can’t 100 percent say that I don’t feel bad about that but I can say that I’m forgiving of that.  We were dealing with a lot and feeling pretty lost for a bit.  But now with this fresh start and a new path ahead of us, we find ourselves getting back on track and it feels good.  We have set some new goals for ourselves in our new home and one of them is finding even more ways to “go green”.”

THIS was the beginning of my post two days ago. What follows is my new post . . .

For the most part we (all of us as inhabitants of this planet) all go about our daily lives, always looming in the background that we could be doing better by our environment.  We do the best we can; its all we can do.  We see the headlines and ads everywhere about “going green”.  It seemed to be even kind of a trend for a bit.  And so we do our part and we purchase products with the words on the labels like “simple”, “all-natural” , and even “green” written on them. Every year once a year, on Earth Day, we are reminded mostly how important it is to recycle and so we go back to doing that if we have let it slide.  And we feel we’ve done our part.  And we have.  To a degree.  But it’s bigger than that.   On a global spectrum, it is absolutely overwhelming.  There is so much happening to our world in which we feel we have no control over that it can be easy to turn a blind eye to, easier to just ignore, to think you can’t make much of a difference.  I know that feeling but I have come to realize that it is also true that there is in fact still so much  even on an individual basis that we can be doing.  I have always felt a personal mission to help in this regard.

In the two days that passed between the moment I started composing this post and came back to it this morning, I received the following insight, had my eyes opened even further to the following truths.  I do have to be honest and say that it’s not as if I wasn’t aware but to be reminded was very powerful.  It comes via two links making their way through the social media network.  I can’t believe it was merely sheer coincidence.  And so I am compelled to let you in.

The first is this:

“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.” 

~Cree Indian prophecy

The second is this:

“As an actor I pretend for a living.” he continues.

“I pretend fictitious characters usually solving fictitious problems. I believe that mankind has looked at climate change in the same way. As if it were a fiction. As if pretending that climate change wasn’t real would somehow make it go away.”

“THIS IS THE MOST URGENT OF TIMES AND THE MOST URGENT OF MESSAGES! Honored delegates, leaders of the world, I pretend for a living, BUT YOU DO NOT!”

“Now it is your turn!”

“The time for change is now”


I may have originally intended this post to be light-hearteded, to play it safe but playing it safe is not what will bring change.   Though my aim is still (as always) to inspire and encourage,  I felt compelled to share the blunt reality of our situation, the truth, no matter how ugly, in order to show just how important it is we all recognize our parts in this.  We may not be the actual big-wig corporations motivated by greed and blinded by our own self interests but we do play a part in the decisions we make, those we choose to support.  Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are. But when we do, the choices, the changes we make for the better; that’s what ultimately counts.

Sometimes, we need a wake-up call.  Today is that wake-up call.  The plight of our planet is so urgent, I can’t let this opportunity to plead with you all, to pass by.  I know I have had moments where I felt THIS is just too big for one person but together we can totally do this!  And so won’t you please join me in fighting for the right to live and prosper on this beautiful planet?

I was encouraged to see in researching yet again all the ways we can help, that we. as a family can make that difference, that in many ways, are already doing much.  But, there are also many ways in which we may improve in not only limiting the damage we do, but in helping to restore and rebuild.  I intend to devote an entire area of this blog to sharing ways we personally have found ways to do so.  My hope is that in sharing, it will help others to see that though it may feel insurmountable at times, it isn’t. It is possible to save and restore our home.  First comes awareness, then acceptance, and then intention. But we must understand and accept that our Earth knows only imbalance versus balance.  Our intention is not enough.  We must start to move forward, we must take action and by our daily deeds we will be successful in restoring the balance we need.

With that in mind, I’d like to close this post with sharing with you our plans to be put in effect this very day and I hope you will be inspired to join us (if you aren’t already.

The two biggest areas we are the most committed to are in being ever more determined is:

1. Eliminating all plastic in our lives. For years, I told myself that as long as it was recyclable, it was fine.  Recycling is a great option but even recycling has it’s downside. Have you ever thought about what the process of melting down all that plastic does to our precious environment?  I just don’t want to even contribute to that any longer.  Bad for the environment but that contaminated air is the air we breathe every day.  And then there’s all the proof that has surfaced about the poisons that are leeched into our food stored in those plastic containers.  We gave up bottled water years ago in favor of filtering our tap water but even just two days ago, I brought home the dog’s food in plastic tubs.  No more!

Ran across this posting on Facebook this morning and I think it’s a fantastic place to start.  I have currently disposed of all the plastic we had in our home.  And knowing that we were headed this direction, we have been amassing our glass jar collection.  Now, we are taking the step to work out a plan to make sure we don’t bring it back into the house.

Whose with me?

Let’s make it a very Plastic Free July

1-31 July 2015

Click on the image to be transported to the fantastic article that accompanies it.



2. Using only completely green, all-natural products. Really pretty much there already but I’m wanting to take it a step further and be fully independent in making all of my own cleaning supplies.  This also extends to our bodies.  For my part, I returned to the coveted Mudhead Sisterhood at the beginning of the year and as we speak have another shipment of henna on its way to me.  I’d love to be in a place where I am gladly accepting my white hairs with grace but alas, I am not quite there yet.  But doing it naturally feels good and I suppose it’s my way to give back for all the years I didn’t.

I have been collecting inspiration and know-how through my Pinterest board:



and sharing to inspire on my Instagram feed:



I know the task seems daunting, my friends, but with an understood sense of urgency and armed with the belief that saving our planet is possible, we will be motivated to take the necessary steps. We just have to get started and the momentum will follow.  We are in this together! I am on your side!

Love and Light,


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We Have Arrived . . .

Posted on June 7, 2015


I’m sitting in a closet in the kitchen of my new home.

Weird, right?  What am I doing in a closet?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Our new home is not nearly as big as our former home; smaller probably by about a thousand square feet.  So, in place of spare bedrooms that function as offices and art spaces, we have closets.  And that’s exactly how we like it.

There’s something really cool about taking this compact space and with a bit of creative ingenuity turning it into just what you need.  It’s really what this whole house symbolizes for us.  Simplifying. Minimizing. Streamlining down to the basics.  It was a part of the plan right from the beginning, inclusive in our fresh start. Creating a space that reflects the family who lives here and the friends welcome here; a place that’s cozy and comfortable, a place where spirits are nourished by a steady flow of art, music and good food, and a place overflowing with aloha spirit, where peace, love and ohana reign supreme.  Despite being short on space it is going to be a home filled to the brim with all the good stuff, all the stuff that matters!

We left our home (and by extension, our experience) in New York for a new beginning. The last couple of years have been years of such change and growth for us as individuals, and collectively, as a family.  We are all at a place where we are so ready to step into this new life, this new adventure and we are excited at the prospects.  We chose this home because it just felt right and each day we are here, it feels better and better.

We have arrived.

We are in a good place.

We feel it.

In so many ways.

~And so our new adventure begins.~

Stay tuned . . .

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Has it really been nearly two whole months?
So much has happened and so much is currently happening!
March was devoted to spending a lot of our time, traveling back and forth to New Hampshire to be with our “sparkling” friends..


We had (as always) a fun-filled extended stay that started with this:

and included but wasn’t limited to:

 YouTube video collaborations* with the dynamic duo of Livolls and Tiffols, guitar jams and singing sessions, skyping with fans, independent movie productions, woodworking, tromping through snow, playing board games (from ancient of times), designing and sewing of historically accurate Nordic turbans, experimenting with natural dyes, trying out of new recipes, creating yummy new dishes, coffee drinking, shopping, volunteer work and radical acts of kindness, and guest features on the Sparkling Martins YouTube Channel; this challenge video, being the highlight of them all:


Improv at it’s best!

The beauty of being with such good friends is the comfortability and authenticity you feel in each others’ presence. Your time together always worth every minute, a place to feel safe, a place to be fully you, to be accepted and loved for simply being you, at your best but also even at your worst, a nurturing environment to grow as individuals but also together.  This is what we are grateful to have found in our friends; a family, a home away from home.

And speaking of homes~

On the homefront, the end of the March brought forth an exciting opportunity for us, some real

“Cha Cha Changes”

My vision board proclaiming that this Spring we would begin our new adventure. ;)

My vision board proclaiming that this Spring we would begin our new adventure. ;)

By another set of incredible circumstances, a string of “coincidences” if you may, we not only found buyers for our home here in New York, but have gained new friends in the process and powerful testimony (yet again) that when you surrender to the magical power of the Universe, marvelous things do happen.


And when it’s right, I am happy to report that things move rather quickly.  So quickly, I haven’t had the time to get over here and fill you all in until now.  And now in a matter of just over a month’s time, we will begin the first chapter of this new adventure.  Can’t wait to share it with you all!

Alas, I must. But I’ll be back soon, to share this next chapter of our radical lives.

North Carolina, here we come!

As always,

May you be surrounded by light, blessed by love

AND never stop seeking out the next adventure!

~The Tabangays~

*Click here for: Livy’s Channel and  Tiff’s Channel

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